Mark 11:1-19

Lost Worship

We come across two interesting incidents in this passage that coincide. One, the cursing of the fig tree and two, the clearing of the temple. The temple was an intended place of worship, but people neglected the practice Read the rest

Matthew 6:5-14

The Lord’s Prayer

What is your motivation in prayer? Is it to sound eloquent or to have a genuine conversation with God? Jesus gives His disciples a model of prayer:

Our Father in Heaven… 

May Your Kingdom come… 

May Your Read the rest

John 17:1-26

Generational Prayer

Jesus prayed for Himself, His disciples, and future believers. It begins with God working within Himself, and Jesus extends that blessing over His disciples (inner circle) and then distributes His blessing over generations to come. Jesus knew He Read the rest

Luke 6:12-16

Rooted in Prayer

Luke 6:12-16 has some of the most significant names in the Bible, and they weren’t chosen by accident. This is one instance in which Jesus prayed before making an important decision. Notice that it wasn’t a quick Read the rest

Mark 14:32-42

Garden of Gethsemane

Stressful situations can cause us to be vulnerable to temptation. Jesus endured a stressful situation in which He knew He had to fulfill His Father’s desires to sacrifice His life for our sins. In His vulnerability, Jesus Read the rest

Mark 1:35

Isolated Prayer

We live in a fast-paced culture that seems to rarely give us an opportunity to catch our breath. But Jesus, in the midst of spreading His Gospel News, chose to pause and pray before doing His work. It’s Read the rest

James 1:19-27

Listen & Do

God’s Word is the most powerful Word we will encounter through this life. But words mean nothing if they aren’t backed by action. It’s one thing for us to read the Word of God, but we must Read the rest

Psalm 119:89-174

Longing for Wisdom

The Word of God is wisdom – the highest form of wisdom. Genuine wisdom is not simply knowledge, but the application of knowledge. Wisdom is life changing as we allow it to correct, lead and teach us. Read the rest