Today marks the last day of the 2019-2022 edition of Cover to Cover. If you started back in March 2019, you have now read the whole Bible – cover to cover! We’d love to celebrate this, so reply to the text or the email to let us know you’ve gone “cover to cover.” 

If you joined us midstream, know that we will be launching it again on March 6, 2023 and look forward to you completing your cover to cover journey when we get to the section of the Bible you started your journey in. When that happens, let us know and we’d love to celebrate that with you.

To help you continue reading the Word of God, we will be sending out a daily reading and devotional thoughts beginning tomorrow until the new plan begins on March 6.

God is good and loves to speak to His children! Keep reading. Keep praying. Keep the faith!

In Christ,

Pastor Bob Bouwer, Pastor Brian Dennert, and the Cover to Cover Team

Thank you to the following authors who contributed to the daily Bible reading schedule:

Anne Bawinkel, Rich Bawinkel, Mel Bendle, John Benson, John Bivona, Ryan Buikema, Caleb Chapman, Brian Dennert, Sam DePasquale, Jason DeVries, Thomas Fennema, Dante Girolimon, Cameron Jones, Von Matthews, Joy Meyer, Marilyn Miller, Andy Nearpass, Judy Nearpass, Tim Niehof, Andy Schultz, Jim Teykl, Bob Van Baren, Bill Van Kley, Karla Weemhoff