Psalm 99 (Listen)

99:1   The LORD reigns; let the peoples tremble!
    He sits enthroned upon the cherubim; let the earth quake!
  The LORD is great in Zion;
    he is exalted over all the peoples.
  Let them praise your great and awesome name!
    Holy is he!
  The King in his might loves justice.
    You have established equity;
  you have executed justice
    and righteousness in Jacob.
  Exalt the LORD our God;
    worship at his footstool!
    Holy is he!
  Moses and Aaron were among his priests,
    Samuel also was among those who called upon his name.
    They called to the LORD, and he answered them.
  In the pillar of the cloud he spoke to them;
    they kept his testimonies
    and the statute that he gave them.
  O LORD our God, you answered them;
    you were a forgiving God to them,
    but an avenger of their wrongdoings.
  Exalt the LORD our God,
    and worship at his holy mountain;
    for the LORD our God is holy!


In the pillar of cloud He spoke to them; they kept his testimonies and the statute that he gave them (Psalm 99:7).

God revealed Himself with the cloud as a screen because no one can see God clearly face-to-face and live. So often we demand to hear from God more clearly rather than listening to Him through the clouds. We must hear and obey through the whispers in our thoughts, through the words on the pages of His Word, through other Christians who have the Holy Spirit dwelling within them…all the different ways He chooses to speak to us until we sit before Him unscreened, face-to-face in all His glory!